Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremonies by Reverend Marilyn York

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RoseFee Criteria

TO RESERVE A DATE & TIME: To reserve a specific date and time for your wedding, a minimum 50% deposit of the total fees due is required. NO RESERVATION IS CONFIRMED, UNTIL A DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED. Once a date is reserved, you receive a written confirmation from me, so that you know your Wedding Officiant detail is CONFIRMED and secure.

Fees Criteria : All Weddings, Ceremonies & Rehearsals are NOT “one size fits all”

My Officiant fees, are based upon 6 different Criteria, that gives each couple the optimum ability to work within their various budgets. My fees also reflect the actual time & energy required to design and perform my services for each individual couple’s desired ceremony and rehearsal. They are based on:

  1. Size of wedding (Based on number of Adult & Junior Attendants in your wedding party)
    Basic fees are calculated on the number of Attendants in your wedding party. This is because, the larger the wedding, the more time and co-ordination of details is involved on my part.
  2. Type of Ceremony ( Basic, Personalized or Custom)
    Some ceremonies may only consist of the Officiant’s Basic ceremony, while others may include many different, personalized or customized inserts that require re-writes, reviews, and/or extensive extra time. (Couples who write their own vows are covered in the category of a Customized ceremony).
  3. Size of rehearsals (Based on total number of Attendants).
    Again, the number of Adult Attendants in your wedding party determines the Rehearsal Fee Rate. This is because the larger the wedding party, the more coordination required (due to more participants to organize)
  4. Day of week, and Time of day, the wedding is held.
    Weddings held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday carry an additional Weekend Premium Fee of $25. If the wedding is planned for a Saturday, and scheduled to begin BEFORE 1 p. m. , the Weekend Premium fee is WAIVED.
  5. Location of Wedding (inside of Marion County, or outside).
    All fees quoted below INCLUDE all travel within Marion County. All ceremonies outside of Marion County carry an extra Time and Travel fee of $.60 per miles. (Note: For some locations that are just over the County Line, the Time and Travel Fee is waived. Check with the Officiant for details)
  6. Various Discounts That I Offer (and, that each couple may qualify for).
    Depending upon how early you book your wedding, and how large a deposit you put toward the wedding, upwards to 15% savings can be realized.
PRE-WEDDING MEETING: If possible, I like to meet with you and your fiancé at least once. This is not a counseling session, (since I DO NOT REQUIRE COUNSELING), but it gives me the opportunity to get a general feeling of what overall ‘tone’ you are wanting the Ceremony to communicate. (This is especially important if you are desiring to write your own vows). I have worked with many out-of-town brides, totally coordinating their weddings via phone and e-mail.